What is a KinderLit book?

Every child in your classroom can create his/her own version of a piece of literature with our KinderLit books!  The children become authors and illustrators of a book they can take home and read.  There is little teacher prep and the children learn much more than basic skills with KinderLit! 

When you purchase a KinderLit book, you will receive: 
  • Reproducible black line masters
  • Complete directions for making each page in the book
  • A color photo page showing the finished pages of the book
  • Directions on how to cut circles and ovals from squares and rectangle
Most of our KinderLit books are based on pieces of literature and teach basic skills in reading, math, science, and language.  These books, containing five to ten pages, are the  activities for the concepts you are teaching and replace workbooks and drill sheets.  The children usually work on one page a day reinforcing the concept taught in your group lesson. 

Don't have the time to complete a full book?  Check out our One-and-Done projects.  Read one book one day, do one project, and you're done!

KinderLit Cutting 
There is little teacher prep for our KinderLit books because we give the children only squares and rectangles which can be quickly cut on a paper cutter after school for the next day's page.  The children learn how to trim off the corners and then give the little points "haircuts" to create circles and ovals for their illustrations!  Watch our YouTube video by clicking here to see how this is done! 

More KinderLit products!
We also offer packets of worksheets for literacy and math stations which we staple together to make books!  We give our students these workbooks to reinforce CCSS skills and to remove the clutter of pages and pages of worksheets everyday in our rooms!

Be sure to check out all our products on either our KinderLit website or in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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