Monday, May 8, 2017

FREE Writing Templates and a SALE!

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Finish the year with our book, I Bloomed in Kindergarten, based on Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus:

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Assess your students at the beginning of the year and again at the end!

Great way to introduce rules with this One-and-Done project!

Writing in Kindergarten - Part 4 with a FREEBIE!

Our students are writing so well that most adults can read their writing!  So much progress from August!  

We begin journal writing with 4 - 5 pages that have a large drawing box and only one line for the wording or for labeling parts of the pictures.  As the children progress, the drawing boxes decrease in size and the amount of writing lines increases.   

We also use individual journals to introduce and practice five writing skills one at a time: 
  1. Phonics/Phonemic Awareness - stretching out the word for phonetic spelling
  2. Capitalization - using capital letters at the beginning of new sentences, for proper names, and for proper pronouns such as Mom and Dad. 
  3. Spacing - using a finger space between the words so that others can read it more easily
  4. Punctuation marks - using periods, question marks, exclamation points, and quotation marks which we call “talking marks.” 
  5. Comprehension - re-reading to check if the story makes sense
The children have been practicing stretching out words since the very beginning of kindergarten and we have them assess whether they used that skill while writing a page in their journals.  We call the assessment box High Five since we’ll eventually have 5 skills in it! 

A week or so later, we have them check for capitalization and add that line in the High Five box. 

The next skill they assess is spacing between words.  

Our school purchased a set of Spacemen for our students with a very large one for us to use while we write on chart paper with the whole group.  The set can be purchased at Really Good Stuff - just click on this photo to check it out.  It can also be purchased as just a classroom set of 30 without the large Spaceman.  

The fourth skill is punctuation and the fifth is comprehension or does the story make sense. 

Click on this photo to get a FREE set of these writing templates in both landscape and portrait formats with plain writing lines and dotted writing lines! 

Have a great Teacher Appreciation Day.

Linda and Lisa