Monday, April 17, 2017

Eggs and Plants

Egg Dyeing With Shaving Cream

Linda: Have you ever found an activity on Pinterest and thought, “Wow, I can do that!”  Last week I found a pin that took me to the Good Housekeeping site with instructions on how to dye Easter eggs in shaving cream.  Since I was going to have my grandchildren (ages 4 and 6) for the entire day before Easter, I figured this would be a great project for us to try. 

The directions at this site 
Click on the photo to go to the site
include a video and a list of materials.  The list included the prices from but I found them all at my local grocery store for a lot less.  For instance, I bought the cheapest shaving cream for $1.39 a can instead of $5 from Amazon.  The remaining supplies I had at home already and watched for the pre-Easter sales on eggs.  

We used disposable aluminum baking pans and I added the shaving cream to the trays.  The directions said to make the cream about 1” deep but if I did it again, I would make it more shallow for children. 
The grandchildren loved adding the drops of food coloring themselves and spreading it around with a toothpick.  Were they exactly like the photo on the website?  NO!  But they probably had more fun!
Rolling the egg around was not as easy as it looks but somehow the eggs became completely covered, as did their hands!  Next year we are going to find child-sized rubber gloves!  The food coloring stained their hands and no amount of scrubbing took it all off.  I’m sure they went to church on Sunday with some color still on their fingers.  

After waiting 20 minutes, we rubbed the shaving cream off with paper towels (have plenty available!)  Ours may not be as pretty as the ones in the directions but we think they are pretty amazing!  

Lisa:  Now that I have two grandchildren myself, (ages 2 and 3 months) I’ll be saving this activity for next year!

Time for Planting!
Are you celebrating spring with a planting unit at school?  Be sure to check out our KinderLit book based on Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens.  Our product title is A Planting Book and Writing Journal with the children’s own collage books called "Where Does It Grow? Above or Below?"

We work on one page a day and discuss where the part of the vegetable that we eat grows.  If you aren’t familiar with Tops and Bottoms, you and your students are in for a treat!  Discover how the hare tricks the bear!  

Happy Spring!

Linda and Lisa