Sunday, March 19, 2017

Writing Can Teach Reading, Part 3

More on Writing in Kindergarten
Class Name Photos
Here’s a fun chart for your students!  Our students love to write each other’s names but since the names aren’t always phonetically spelled, they have to copy the names.  During our writing time, we found that the students were interrupting each other for the correct spelling or were walking all around to find a copy of the name they needed.  

To cut down on all this commotion, created a class name photo sheet.  Here’s a sample with clip art children: 

Each year our students have their photos taken on Picture Day and we receive a small strip of 4 head shots for each child.  We make photocopies of the strips and file them away for different projects.  These are the photos we glue onto the class name photo template.  We hand-write their names under the photos, copy them onto card stock if available, and laminate one for each student to keep in their writing folders.  If card stock isn’t available, we glue the templates onto construction paper and then laminate.  
Click on this blank sample and get yours free! 
Notice there are spaces for 20 students so you may need to make the sheets two-sided and use the construction paper to make the laminated copies.  


Linda and Lisa

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