Saturday, February 11, 2017

Volunteering in Kindergarten!

Fun in Kindergarten

Linda:  I’m so lucky!  Not only did I get to spend 35 years as a teacher in kindergarten but now I get to spend time volunteering in my granddaughter’s kindergarten classroom!  I started out the year just assessing the children one-on-one for letter recognition but now I monitor a literacy station during their Center time.  

Check out these photos from Lindsay’s school!
Lindsay’s teacher was able to sign up for ESGI so here’s Lindsay being assessed on beginning sounds on an iPad.  Love ESGI!  Have you tried it yet?  Save 400 hours during the school year with Click! Click! Done! 

Last week the school sponsored a Book Fair.  This pocket chart was outside the fair and each teacher filled out a request for books for the classroom. 

One of the stations I supervised was shaving cream spelling!  The weekly phonics sound was /sh/ so what could be better than writing the words in shaving cream!

When I taught in Phoenix, we have fire drills every month.  But here in Georgia the schools have “bad weather” drills!

Love this sign! 

My time at Lindsay’s school makes me realize how much I miss the children and all the classroom activities.

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