Monday, February 6, 2017

Color Mixing STEM Activity and Freebie!

Color Mixing STEM Activity and Freebie! 
By this time of the year our students can name all their colors.  So now we are working on reading color words.  One of our stations is this fun activity for mixing colors to create new colors!  

Steve Spangler Science has these packets of color tablets which easily mix in water and the mixing trays.  Click on the photos to go to his store.  We use the 16-oz. water bottles to create red, blue, and yellow water and have the children try to create as many different colors as they can. 

Some children will figure out that if they count the number of drops they add to their trays, they can create many more colors!  Others just like to freely experiment! 

Notice that the students work on old cookie trays (check out yard sales for cheap ones!) and that the full bottles of colored water are kept in a large tub in the center of the table.  Only the teacher can pour from them!  
Once the children are finished, they pour their work into our classroom sink.  For classrooms with no sinks, provide a large container for the children to pour their water into.

This station is the most popular one of the entire school year!  The children use this worksheet at their next station to write about their “experiments” with color.  We put out a stack of these worksheets since many children will complete 3 or 4 at the station! 

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Another Update!

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