Thursday, August 11, 2016

Your Newest Back-to-School Assessment Tool

Tired of spending hours and hours and hours assessing your students?  Then dealing with all those papers for each child?  And having to enter the results on a class tracker?  Use your computer mouse to do it all!
ESGI, which stands for Educational Software for Guiding Instruction, provides teachers with the greatest time-saving program for assessments.  Here’s how it’s done.

Spend a minute at the computer with each child and just use your mouse to record their responses to one of over 200 preloaded assessments.  Or create your own!  All you do is click on the Y or N and the software does the rest!
With one click of your mouse discover data such as which 
sight word is the least recognized by your class, which letter is the most recognized, or what percentage of your students can rhyme.  Plan your individual instruction or whole group lessons based on your reports. 
That mouse of yours will be indispensable to you!  Click and print out personalized parent letters in English or Spanish to send home as often as you want.  And don’t forget to print off practice cards, name practicing papers, name tags, and much more!
Your administration can track data with just a mouse for your entire grade level - a great help for determining class placement.
Why don’t you use your mouse right now and click on this icon to read more, watch a video all about ESGI, and try it free for 60 days.    If you sign up for the free trial, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of ten $50 TpT gift cards!  Just in time for those back-to-school assessments! 
Concerned about managing a whole class of students while you are working with just one at the computer?  Be sure to check our next blog for suggestions and ideas!
Lisa:  The students are coming!!!!  And my room is finally ready!  I started with this: 
And ended up with this: 
I have 21 students so far and 4 work tables with seating for 6 at each.  The tables are color-coded and the children call them by name.  Here’s a close-up of the “Green Table.”  
Can you see the red, yellow, and green sections on the far wall in the first picture above?  That’s our DIBELS wall for posting their progress in three different sections of the test.  Here’s what my DIBELS wall looked like during last school year:
The majority of my students do not attend any preschool so I have to start the year off teaching them to recognize their names in print.  That’s where my check-in cards come into play!  Each morning the children find their name cards and place them in the hanging pocket chart.  It’s also a quick and easy way for me to take attendance.  For the first few days they also wear the lanyards too until I learn their names.  Then the name cards become letters, words, numbers, etc. for them to wear!   

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my room would look this neat every day?!!  
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Happy Teaching!


  1. I keep reading such wonderful things about ESGI! And Lisa, your room looks terrific - best wishes for a wonderful school year ahead!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  2. Have you tried ESGI? Click on the button above to get a 60-day free trial and be automatically entered into a drawing for a $50 TpT gift card!
    Hope your school year is fantastic!
    Linda and Lisa

  3. Love your room, Lisa!!! You are so organized! ESGI looks fantastic! I wish I would have had that when I was still teaching.