Sunday, May 15, 2016


Lisa: As I look back over this year, I am amazed at the progress my students have made!  Many of them entered school with very few skills and yet they have come so far in all areas.  But the most progress has been in the area of writing.  Check out these samples from the last few weeks.  You will be able to read their stories! 
Love these cheerleaders!
Parents are the best!
Who doesn’t like a rainbow?
We start the year with very simple writing pages that have a big box for drawing and only one line for writing.  The children can label their pictures or write one word on the line.  A suggestion from the Lucy Calkins program, A Unit of Study, that works well with our students is to let them use black Flair pens (felt-tip pens) for their drawing.  The pens allow them to incorporate more details into their drawings and then they have more to write about! 

During the year we decrease the size of the drawing box and increase the amount of lines for writing.  By the end of the year, they are using dotted lined paper which they love calling “first grade paper!” 

Linda: You can get a FREE set of six templates for your classroom by clicking this photo!  These are available only here - not even in our store yet!  
We also have a great product with 21 NO PREP activities for writing.  We developed these when we realized that many children were getting tired of “draw a picture-write a story” journals.  These activities include writing pages for haircuts, ou-ees, science observations, and many more and instructions on how to create writing folders from pocket folders to use year after year.  Check it out here: 

Happy Teaching!

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