Sunday, March 13, 2016


Here’s a project from many years ago!  The photos here are from last week as I worked with my grandchildren on these Easter baskets but I have made them with an entire kindergarten class!

It does take some time but these Easter baskets are very unique and beautiful.  Each basket took a child about 10 minutes to make and a mother helper or parapro could help 3 or 4 children at a time.   

9” balloons
liquid starch 
paint brush
crepe paper cut into 2-3” pieces
string for hanging the balloons up to dry  

  • Place a blown-up balloon in a small bowl or bucket with the tied end down. 
  • Pour liquid starch into a container (we used soup cans) to about a 2” depth.   

  • The child selects 2 or 3 colors of crepe paper.  If they use more, they blend into brown! 
  • Using two pieces of the same color paper, the child glues it to the balloon with the crepe paper.  (We used only one piece and the baskets aren’t as sturdy as when I had used two pieces at a time.)
  • After most of the balloon is covered, an adult ties a string to the knotted end and hangs it to dry someplace where the extra liquid starch can drip off.  In my classroom, I had hung them on a drying rack but here at home I hung them in my laundry room closet from the rod with paper underneath to catch the drips!
  • The balloons will be completely dry in 2 or 3 days so plan plenty of time for this project.  In my kindergarten class, we would make them on a Friday to let them dry over the weekend.  
  • The children can cut the knot off and watch the balloon deflate, leaving the colored shell of crepe paper!  
  • An adult cuts around the balloon in a zig zag line to make it look like a cracked egg. 
  • A handle can be fashioned, using the pieces left over.  
  • Fill the baskets with Easter grass and plastic eggs.  Did you know that you can purchase edible grass at Target?  
What are your favorite Easter projects or springtime products?  Link up blog posts and/or products below!