Monday, February 15, 2016


Lisa:  We just celebrated the 100th Day of School and I want to share two activities we did in my classroom.  

While the children were out at recess, I hid pieces of wrapped taffy that I had labeled with 1 - 100 on dot stickers.  I put a 100 number chart on our floor and the students had to find the taffy, read the number on it, and place it on the right spot on the chart.

In the past I used Hersey’s kisses but I couldn’t tell if the children were placing them on the right numbers without having to pick each piece up.  The taffy let me do a quick check!  And the children also checked each other as they helped their friends who struggled with numbers past 20.

We did it!

Along with many other activities on the 100th day, we discussed elderly people who are 100 years old.  The children then took a piece of drawing paper and drew a self portrait of what they thought they will look like when they turn 100.  They each crinkled it up to create wrinkles before gluing it on a piece of construction paper.  What a great bulletin board these pictures made!      

Here we are wearing our 100 hats and showing our portraits!

Linda:  In our last post from Feb. 1, we described our morning Job Board and showed you several jobs you could use when you set up your own Job Board.  Here’s another activity that you can use -  1 2 3 Order. 

We print off the number cards on different colored paper and cut them apart.  Each set is stored in a baggie or envelope and placed in a storage box that is accessible to the children as they work through the jobs.  

When the students get to this job on the board, they work at a table or on the floor to arrange the numbers in correct order from 1 to 10 and later in the year from 1 to 20.  I can visually check their work very quickly from afar and after I see them do this job correctly several times, I can pass them on this task which is part of our district curriculum.  

Some children may need a little help at first.  We have lots of number line cards around the room they can use. As you can see in this photo we also add dots to the cards for those students who need an additional boost.  

Happy Teaching!

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