Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gingerbread Houses and More!

Gingerbread House Project
We had such a fun day yesterday!  Our students came dressed in their PJ’s for a reading day and we did all kinds of Christmas activities.  

A favorite story of our students is the Gingerbread Man.  We read many different versions yesterday to compare and contrast.  And when studying that piece of literature it’s a MUST that you build gingerbread houses! 
Last week we sent home a list of items we would need with one checked off for each child to donate.  The list included heavy paper plates, graham crackers, licorice whips, vanilla frosting, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, colored fruit loops, M&Ms, sprinkles, pretzel sticks, frosted shredded wheat cereal, and small candy canes.  Our parents sent in enough goodies for a really fun time making our houses!  
Prior to the activity, we saved milk cartons from the cafeteria, rinsed them out, and stapled them closed again. We put the children’s names on the bottom of the plates with a permanent marker and hot-glued a milk container to the center of their plates.
This is Ryan and his mom, a volunteer for the day.  She was Lisa's student teacher and then our teammate years ago and came in yesterday to help her middle son build his gingerbread house! 
All the goodies sent in were placed in our table baskets and taken to the cafeteria.  Before the classes headed down there, we modeled a few techniques for them, such as how to use the frosting to “cement” the graham crackers to the milk cartons.  
The children were true architects and engineers!  Their finished houses showed how creative they can be when given the chance.  

Our Five Senses
Our theme for December was Our Five Senses and we used the KinderLit book, My Five Senses, to tie the entire unit together.  But rather than make our ordinary selves, we turned our faces into Santa's!  

Check out these adorable Santa book covers!  We read the books one last time as a whole class before they took them home yesterday.

In case you aren’t familiar with this product, the back cover is a large 12 x 18” piece of construction paper on which the children create a blank head in the beginning of our unit.  As we study a sense, they add the facial feature for that sense.  Click on this photo for more info!
Who Doesn’t Love a Sale? 
You might be all shopped out by now - or maybe you haven’t even begun to do your Christmas shopping!  KinderLit will be putting a unique spin on the 12 Days of Christmas sales so be watching for our next blog post soon for our 12 Days AFTER Christmas sale - a different product each day!  

Enjoy your break!

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