Saturday, November 28, 2015


Did you find lots of bargains on Black Friday?  Well, now it’s time to sit at home in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee and do your classroom shopping right from your computer!  

On November 30 & December 1, we are having a Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!  Get 20% off everything in our store and when you use the code SMILE Teachers Pay Teachers will give you an additional 8% off - save a total of 28%!

You can stock up on these holiday items: 



And don’t forget some student-created books for January!  Get them now, prep them before you leave for the holiday, and you’ll be ready to go when you return to school! Here are our 3 favorites: 

 Although Thanksgiving is over, we want to share some of our children’s work from My Thanksgiving Book.  They were so proud of their books and were excited about taking them home to read to their families as part of their Thanksgiving celebration!
Building the pilgrim house!

Painting the turkey cover!

Drawing a pilgrim!

So proud of her book!

Whole Group Reading before taking their books home!

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