Saturday, November 28, 2015


Did you find lots of bargains on Black Friday?  Well, now it’s time to sit at home in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee and do your classroom shopping right from your computer!  

On November 30 & December 1, we are having a Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!  Get 20% off everything in our store and when you use the code SMILE Teachers Pay Teachers will give you an additional 8% off - save a total of 28%!

You can stock up on these holiday items: 



And don’t forget some student-created books for January!  Get them now, prep them before you leave for the holiday, and you’ll be ready to go when you return to school! Here are our 3 favorites: 

 Although Thanksgiving is over, we want to share some of our children’s work from My Thanksgiving Book.  They were so proud of their books and were excited about taking them home to read to their families as part of their Thanksgiving celebration!
Building the pilgrim house!

Painting the turkey cover!

Drawing a pilgrim!

So proud of her book!

Whole Group Reading before taking their books home!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Lisa:  I introduced our guided reading books from our Harcourt Reading Series recently and now have an independent reading station most days.  To keep the children interested and on task, they use finger pointers, star reader hats (visors), and crazy sunglasses!

The visors are cheap plastic ones we bought at craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  A little paint, markers, and glitter make fun visors for the children to wear!  We wrote #1 READER and STAR READER across the front on many of them. 

The fake fingers and crazy sunglasses can be found at discount dollar stores or at Really Good Stuff. Before the children rotate to the next station, one in the group is responsible for counting the items just in case one happened to fall into someone’s pocket!

We also use our KinderLit books for partner and whole group reading.  This is our Goldilocks and the Three Bears book in which the children use the puppets to track the print while reading to each other.  Before we send the books home, we always sit together and read them one more time!

Linda:  Just had to share this very clever idea for transporting cupcakes for parties (though maybe some of you already know this!).  I took my grandson to the preschool program last week at the library and a mom brought these “owl” cupcakes for snack.  Each one was in a plastic cup which was wrapped in cellophane and tied at the top. 

Aren't these cute owls? 
Here's the best part!  All their trash and napkins can be placed in the empty cup to easy cleanup! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What's New With Lisa and Linda From KinderLit!

Linda:  I don’t want to make everyone jealous but I’ve just spent 4 days at a quilting retreat with 26 other friends.  Retirement is so much fun!!  Here’s the four Christmas stockings I made for my son and his family.  The bed pillow I made out of the leftover fabric from the bed runner I had made previously. (Even my kitten Boots likes it!) Can’t wait til April when we all head out again for our spring retreat! 

Lisa: Even though I like to quilt, I’m still teaching so no, I didn’t attend the retreat!  In my classroom we are working on comparing numbers to find out which one is greater and which one is less.  Here’s a fun activity that we do at math stations. 

Stacking Blocks for Comparing Numbers
I made cards with numbers and spaces for building towers with our classroom stacking blocks.  They are laminated to last longer. 

Each child works on a laminated card to build the towers and determine which number is greater and which is less.  At first they have to tell an adult or another child which number is which.

Later I add small recording sheets in a basket for them to write their answers.   As many of you know, we love making books with our students.  The children love making books too and they will gather up all their recording sheets, staple them together, and take their new “book” home to read to their family!  

If you are not familiar with our Math and Literacy station activities, please check them out because we create books instead of worksheets!  Click here to go to the Math Station Activities and to the Reading Station Activities.

Stacking Blocks for Comparing Numbers is our newest freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers.  But you can get yours here!  Click on the cover and download the pages to create 24 cards for your own students!  

Happy Teaching!