Friday, October 2, 2015


Lisa: Now that the children have adjusted to our classroom routines, we are off and running with reading!  We work at literacy stations every day in groups of 4 or 5 children who rotate through different reading tasks.  

One of the stations they move to is my guided reading table so to keep the other stations on task with little adult supervision or help (I have no para-pro or assistant!) I use these stand-up sign holders. 

Office Depot/Max sell them or you can watch for stores going out of business who are selling their fixtures.  Years ago a teacher bought them for a dollar a piece at a store that was closing its doors. 

Notice the clips on the top of the pages I have modeled for the children.  You can slide a piece of copy paper inside the sign holder but if the paper is a piece of construction paper, use the clips to hold it on.

The children at this table were working on creating the letter Rr with pattern blocks.  The stand up sign holder has the sample that they can copy.

At this table the children have to cut apart letters to sort and glue onto their recording sheet.  My sample is on the stand up sign holder so they do not have to interrupt me for verification of which letter is which. 

This is a work table for finding clipart that begins with Rr.  

Notice the yellow basket on the table! We have one in each color of our work tables along with many others for storing games like Bingo or dice toss games.  Years ago we found them in white at Michael’s Craft Stores at their sidewalk sales.  But now you can purchase them through Oriental Trading in sets of 6 different colors.  Or go to Really Good Stuff to purchase sturdier baskets in sets of 4. (No, we are not earning a  commission from these sites!)

Linda:  As you may know, I am retired but loved my baskets!  When I left the classroom I gathered up all my baskets and found that I had so many, the stack was about 2 - 3 feet high!  I sold them at my “classroom yard sale” but now I wish I had saved some!  

Being retired has allowed me to spend time with my grandchildren.  I take my grandson who is turning 3 in two weeks to a library program every week.  The first time I walked into the room, I practically drooled over the easel the librarian-teacher had! 
 Front view with a white board and a storage bin underneath.

Side views showing all the storage bins that slide in and out. 

Here’s a peek at the back with a chart stand. 

We hope these ideas help you in your classrooms!  Please share any ideas you have!   


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  2. I love the standup sign holders! I am always looking for ideas to help make this time of our day easier on everyone! Thanks for the tip! Linda's Learning Loot

  3. I hope you can find some sign holders to purchase at "going out of business" sales! Or perhaps your PTA could purchase them for you. Someone else told us about using them years ago - best tip for stations ever!
    Linda and Lisa