Friday, October 23, 2015


Lisa:  Halloween is so much fun in Kindergarten!  If your school is like ours, we have to make every minute count towards our standards!  So we made a jack-o-lantern book to introduce new high frequency words while keeping the fun in Halloween!

Here’s what we did: 

Day 1:  Each child painted 2 orange “balls” at the easel at a literacy station.  The construction paper for the small one was a 4” square for the class book and the larger one was on a 9” square. 

Day 2:  The children painted the facial features and stem on their jack-o-lanterns.  After school we cut the jack-o-lanterns out and cut apart the wording they need the next day.

Day 3:  At a station, the children had to place the words in correct order to create the sentence on a piece of black construction paper cut down to fit into a protective sleeve for a notebook. 
Once an adult has checked the order, the children can glue the words down on the black construction paper and add their small jack-o-lantern and a stem.

We like to add a small photo of each child to their pages.  The children love to read these books over and over when they see themselves on the pages!  
And now we like to slide their pages into protective sleeves to put into 1” notebooks.  It’s so much easier to remove the pages to give back to the children at the end of the year or when they tire of the class book.  

On the cover we cut apart the new high frequency words to glue all over.  We hear the children go to our class library and say, "I'm going to read the 'See' book!"  

The larger jack-o-lanterns were put up on a bulletin board with strips of green construction paper twisted to resemble a vine.  Our pumpkin patch is adorable, don’t you think?  

Linda: Don’t forget to check out our newest One-and-Done project in case you don’t have time for these jack-o-lanterns.  Based on The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams, I’m Not Afraid allows you to read the book one day, do one project, and you’re done! 

Happy Halloween!

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