Sunday, September 20, 2015


We just created our first predictable chart and class book of the year!  If you have never created a predictable chart with your class, you’re in for a treat!

What is a predictable chart? 
This is a technique for shared writing based on the 4-Block literacy model by Patricia Cunningham and Dorothy Hall.   

Prior to beginning the group lesson, we decide on the sentence which includes the high frequency word we want to reinforce.  The teacher writes the first sentence to model for the students and then records each child’s sentence.  We like to add a small photo of the children next to their sentences. 

Why use a predictable chart?
We use these charts for discussing concepts of print ideas such as spacing, capitalization, punctuation, etc.  We use Wikki Stix to circle the high frequency word we have introduced.  
Once we are finished, we leave the chart hanging in the room for the children to re-read with a pointer.  They are very excited about these charts since they have contributed to it and their photos are on it!  
Our first predictable chart!
You can see that we have lots of children who have to wait their turns!  Sometimes we create the chart in two or three days, and sometimes we create it at our reading group during literacy stations.

Making a book from a predictable chart: 
Type up and print off the wording you need for the sentences.  For the sample we’re showing you here, we printed off a sheet of “I” and “am,” cut them apart, and put them in separate tubs on their work table at a literacy station.  We also typed up the students’ names and had them ready to go!  
Wording for our first book!
The illustrations for our first book are simple hand prints but for other books we have had the children draw their illustrations with a permanent marker and then let them use watercolors to paint the pictures. 

We used these pages first as a bulletin board:
A great bulletin board for Back-to-School Night!

Then we put them into a 3-ring binder for a class book.  We made the cover by printing off the word “I” in different font on different colored paper.  The children love going to the class library to read the “I” Book! 
Our first class book from a predictable chart!

Have fun with predictable charts! 

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