Monday, August 17, 2015

Zero the Hero

Lisa: This is the beginning of the second week of school aready!  What happened to summer vacation?  Zero the Hero will be coming for a visit on Friday, Day 10, since he loves the number zero!  
The children will be making their first Zero page for a bulletin board:

Linda: Isn’t he cute?  We have a Zero the Hero packet for sale on TpT which can be made into a book for each student.  But since our students move in and out so quickly, no one would ever have a complete book on Day 100.  So Lisa does the pages as individual projects and then hangs them along a long bulletin board in the back of the room: 
Lisa: In two weeks on Day 20, Zero will arrive again and new collages will be placed on this board.  No need to create a new bulletin board all the time – it’s good for 100 days!
Linda: Here’s a cute song for Zero the Hero sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy:
I’m a mighty ZERO HERO!
A mighty hero to the end!
I roll right over next to the number 1,
Making me into a 10!
I’m a mighty ZERO HERO!
A mighty hero to the end!
So if you want a mighty hero,
I’m the one to look for…
ZERO the HERO, that’s me!!!
I used this song all the time in my own classroom and the children would stand at attention for the last 3 lines and salute!  On Day 20, just change the 1 to a 2 and the 10 to a 20.  It won’t rhyme but no one ever noticed!
Have fun with Zero!
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