Monday, August 24, 2015

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Lisa:  Today was the beginning of our third week of school! Friday was an exciting day for my kids! Here are some photos that show what we did in one day! 

We have been busy working on our Math Materials Journal and our page for the day was Geo Blocks.  First, I introduced the math blocks, going over our basic rules for using our blocks as I do with each manipulative we use.  After using the small blocks, the children worked in their Math Materials Journal and had fun creating their own buildings and towers!
Finally the long awaited building blocks could come off the shelves!  It was also a great opportunity for the kids to use their "sharing skills".... something many students enter Kindergarten without! When I rang my clean up bell all I heard was "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Do we have to clean up???"  I wish I had more time in my day to let them create, think, and explore on their own. I know my block corner will be a favorite station during our math time! 
Future Engineers and Architects!

Very few of my students enter kindergarten with preschool or Headstart experience.  Even though color identification is not a standard, I started this year with our KinderLit book, Colors Colors Look What I See.  Each page is a different art technique and we work on one page a day.  Friday we did the green painting page: 

Each painting was unique! 

Thursday was yellow day! 
Yellow, yellow, I see yellow!

Since the second day of school, I have gone over the procedures for our rotating Station Time every day but the work at each table varies from puzzles to Legos to books.  This way the children can work independently and I can walk around monitoring their behavior and helping them with the procedures for changing stations. Once I get these in place, I can work with a small group and not worry about the other groups!  I found these great self-contained magnetic puzzles at the local Lakeshore store to put out at a table.  
No missing pieces ever!

I also have a table to help the students write their names. Here’s Ryan copying his name card on a white board. 
He’s so proud of his progress already!

At the very end of the day, we visited the Computer Lab.  My students might not know their colors but most of them have had enough experience with computers that they could work independently on Starfall.
Love the headphones!

What a full day!  Once school was over, I cleaned up the room and got it ready for Monday morning when we start all over again!
Coupons for Photos
We hope you have enjoyed seeing photos of Lisa’s classroom in action!  Now we would like to see yours!  

We are asking for photos of students making and using our KinderLit books in your classroom. 

Send us 5 photos and if we use any of them in this blog, we’ll send you a coupon to TpT for $5!  You don't need to send them all at the same time.  We will save them for you and let you know when you have reached 5.

Some suggestions include table activities based on a KinderLit book, children creating our book pages, or students “reading” their KinderLit books.  

Send them to  If the photos have children’s faces, we will blur them before posting any.  But it's best to take photos with just their hands and arms in the photos!

If you have questions, leave a comment below and we’ll be back in touch with you within 24 hours. 


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