Thursday, August 6, 2015


Teaching Name Recognition

The majority of our incoming students have never attended any preschool or Headstart programs.  Many are unaware of what their names look like and do not know the order of the letters in them.  Here are a few ideas for helping these students.  
A very simple and fun activity for name recognition is decorating names with a variety of materials.  First we print their names on large construction paper with a permanent marker.  Then the students decorate them.  These make great bulletin board or window decorations, especially for Meet the Teacher Night!
Check out these samples: 

Evany decorated his with paint on a pencil eraser!

Jackson used Cheerios to decorate his name!

Keyla loved using our lick 'em - stick 'em paper!

Moriah used her crayons to trace the letters over and over!

Teaching Order of the Letters

Here’s a fun way to help your students learn the order of the letters in their names.  We use these name cards at a station for a week or so, depending on how long a child takes to learn the order!  
Step 1: On two different colored sentence strips, print the student’s name so that the letters and spacing line up exactly. 

Step 2:  Cut apart one of the sentence strips and put a sticker or star in the upper left-hand corner of the other one to show the student which letter is first.

Step 3:  The child places the cut letters on top of the full card, always starting with the first letter and continuing in order from left to right. 
Step 4: Once the student can match the letters with ease, the letters can be placed in order under the name card. 

Step 5: We remove the complete card and the student places the letters in order from left to right with no model to copy! 

We place the letters and name cards in an envelop for storage.  If their names are too long to fit, we paper clip the name card to the envelope.

If you are starting school this week, have a great first day back!  If you are still on summer break, enjoy!

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