Monday, August 24, 2015

Win a $5 Coupon!

Lisa:  Today was the beginning of our third week of school! Friday was an exciting day for my kids! Here are some photos that show what we did in one day! 

We have been busy working on our Math Materials Journal and our page for the day was Geo Blocks.  First, I introduced the math blocks, going over our basic rules for using our blocks as I do with each manipulative we use.  After using the small blocks, the children worked in their Math Materials Journal and had fun creating their own buildings and towers!
Finally the long awaited building blocks could come off the shelves!  It was also a great opportunity for the kids to use their "sharing skills".... something many students enter Kindergarten without! When I rang my clean up bell all I heard was "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Do we have to clean up???"  I wish I had more time in my day to let them create, think, and explore on their own. I know my block corner will be a favorite station during our math time! 
Future Engineers and Architects!

Very few of my students enter kindergarten with preschool or Headstart experience.  Even though color identification is not a standard, I started this year with our KinderLit book, Colors Colors Look What I See.  Each page is a different art technique and we work on one page a day.  Friday we did the green painting page: 

Each painting was unique! 

Thursday was yellow day! 
Yellow, yellow, I see yellow!

Since the second day of school, I have gone over the procedures for our rotating Station Time every day but the work at each table varies from puzzles to Legos to books.  This way the children can work independently and I can walk around monitoring their behavior and helping them with the procedures for changing stations. Once I get these in place, I can work with a small group and not worry about the other groups!  I found these great self-contained magnetic puzzles at the local Lakeshore store to put out at a table.  
No missing pieces ever!

I also have a table to help the students write their names. Here’s Ryan copying his name card on a white board. 
He’s so proud of his progress already!

At the very end of the day, we visited the Computer Lab.  My students might not know their colors but most of them have had enough experience with computers that they could work independently on Starfall.
Love the headphones!

What a full day!  Once school was over, I cleaned up the room and got it ready for Monday morning when we start all over again!
Coupons for Photos
We hope you have enjoyed seeing photos of Lisa’s classroom in action!  Now we would like to see yours!  

We are asking for photos of students making and using our KinderLit books in your classroom. 

Send us 5 photos and if we use any of them in this blog, we’ll send you a coupon to TpT for $5!  You don't need to send them all at the same time.  We will save them for you and let you know when you have reached 5.

Some suggestions include table activities based on a KinderLit book, children creating our book pages, or students “reading” their KinderLit books.  

Send them to  If the photos have children’s faces, we will blur them before posting any.  But it's best to take photos with just their hands and arms in the photos!

If you have questions, leave a comment below and we’ll be back in touch with you within 24 hours. 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Zero the Hero

Lisa: This is the beginning of the second week of school aready!  What happened to summer vacation?  Zero the Hero will be coming for a visit on Friday, Day 10, since he loves the number zero!  
The children will be making their first Zero page for a bulletin board:

Linda: Isn’t he cute?  We have a Zero the Hero packet for sale on TpT which can be made into a book for each student.  But since our students move in and out so quickly, no one would ever have a complete book on Day 100.  So Lisa does the pages as individual projects and then hangs them along a long bulletin board in the back of the room: 
Lisa: In two weeks on Day 20, Zero will arrive again and new collages will be placed on this board.  No need to create a new bulletin board all the time – it’s good for 100 days!
Linda: Here’s a cute song for Zero the Hero sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy:
I’m a mighty ZERO HERO!
A mighty hero to the end!
I roll right over next to the number 1,
Making me into a 10!
I’m a mighty ZERO HERO!
A mighty hero to the end!
So if you want a mighty hero,
I’m the one to look for…
ZERO the HERO, that’s me!!!
I used this song all the time in my own classroom and the children would stand at attention for the last 3 lines and salute!  On Day 20, just change the 1 to a 2 and the 10 to a 20.  It won’t rhyme but no one ever noticed!
Have fun with Zero!
Teachers Pay Teachers just announced a special one-day sale this Wednesday to celebrate Back-to-School time!  Use the code MORE15 and get 28% off all KinderLit items!  Just in time to check out our Zero the Hero packet! Make sure to check out our Back To School category on the left side of our store's home page to discover more products to use in the beginning of kindergarten!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Who doesn’t like freebies?  Several teachers on TpT have compiled submissions from sellers for a Back-To-School book of freebies and tips.  

The books are by grade level and you can click on the photo to take you to the download page.  

About 50 teachers contributed to each book, one per page.  There is a back to school tip on each along with a link to a free product from their stores.  KinderLit is the 5th store page in the PreK-K book!  

Have fun exploring these books!

PreK and Kindergarten:

Grades 1 & 2:

Grades 3 & 4:

Grades 5 & 6: 

If you are a teacher of 7th -12th grades, here are the links to the eBooks by subject matter for you:

Have a fantastic school year!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Teaching Name Recognition

The majority of our incoming students have never attended any preschool or Headstart programs.  Many are unaware of what their names look like and do not know the order of the letters in them.  Here are a few ideas for helping these students.  
A very simple and fun activity for name recognition is decorating names with a variety of materials.  First we print their names on large construction paper with a permanent marker.  Then the students decorate them.  These make great bulletin board or window decorations, especially for Meet the Teacher Night!
Check out these samples: 

Evany decorated his with paint on a pencil eraser!

Jackson used Cheerios to decorate his name!

Keyla loved using our lick 'em - stick 'em paper!

Moriah used her crayons to trace the letters over and over!

Teaching Order of the Letters

Here’s a fun way to help your students learn the order of the letters in their names.  We use these name cards at a station for a week or so, depending on how long a child takes to learn the order!  
Step 1: On two different colored sentence strips, print the student’s name so that the letters and spacing line up exactly. 

Step 2:  Cut apart one of the sentence strips and put a sticker or star in the upper left-hand corner of the other one to show the student which letter is first.

Step 3:  The child places the cut letters on top of the full card, always starting with the first letter and continuing in order from left to right. 
Step 4: Once the student can match the letters with ease, the letters can be placed in order under the name card. 

Step 5: We remove the complete card and the student places the letters in order from left to right with no model to copy! 

We place the letters and name cards in an envelop for storage.  If their names are too long to fit, we paper clip the name card to the envelope.

If you are starting school this week, have a great first day back!  If you are still on summer break, enjoy!