Saturday, April 18, 2015


Linda:  While I was shopping at a quilt store in McDonough, GA, I started talking with another customer who was traveling from Ohio to Florida.  Since the shop is right off I-75, she always stops there on her trips up and down the highway.  She mentioned that she has a strange pet and he loves to ride in the car.  When she told me it was a pigmy hedgehog, I asked if I could see it since I had never been close to any kind of hedgehog. She brought it into the shop so everyone could pet him!  

Here's Twinkles!
He was small enough to fit in her hand.  And when he gets nervous or scared, he'll curl up 
into a ball.  He wasn't as prickly as I thought he would be but I don't think I want a hedgehog as a pet! 

Lisa: Jan Brett is one of our favorite authors to study and Hedgie is a favorite character of our students!  KinderLit has a product for the children to create an entire book of Jan Brett's characters but we also have a One-and-Done Hedgie project. Read The Hat by Jan Brett one day, do one project, and you're done!  

Lisa:  While Linda was out shopping for her quilt fabric, my students were working at some new stations.  

A new use for old trays!
In my stash of odds and ends, trays, small manipulatives, and storage bins I found these blue trays.  The word cards that came with these trays have been used for other activities and rather than throw away the trays, we used them for counting activities.  

Notice the small plastic throw-away bowls.  We use them for many stations since they keep small items contained and the students can open and close them easily.  The small items are stored away in plastic bags when we aren't using them and the bowls are reused for another activity. 

A new word station! 
Our students love to write their classmates' names but to keep them engaged in word writing, I gave them clipboards!  Just that one little change and my boys were more than anxious to work at that station!  

Happy Teaching!  

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