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Lisa:  I realized last week how far my students have come this year.  Our students enter school in August with few skills since 90% of them do not attend preschool.  But so many have mastered enough reading standards that we have had to change the way we do Picture Partners!  What a great feeling this is! 

Linda:  We introduce Picture Partners in the fall as a literacy station once the children know many letter sounds.  Their job is to spread out the word cards in a set of 6 partners, match up the correct photo to the word based on beginning letters, and then read the words to a friend or a teacher. 

Lisa:  This task has become too easy for some of our students!  So this week I changed the words to sentences!  I wrote sentences that incorporated our high frequency words on different colored sentence strips.  I laminated them and cut them apart to put in the baggie with the photos.  

The children love the challenge of putting the sentences together and reading them to a friend or me!  All the sentences in one baggie are the same except for the photo word which still requires them to match a word to a picture. 
 Look at what they can do now:

How do you differentiate your literacy stations?  Share your ideas below in the Comment section for others to read and try!

Linda:  Our very first set of Picture Partners was made using pictures from old math workbooks that the first grade teachers were going to throw away!  We have used clipart from the computer too but it takes too much time to search for just the right photo.  
             So now we have a product that has 80 pictures and word sets for you to cut apart and use.  We've done the work for you so you can spend more time teaching!  Here's a sample of one page: 
Click on it to see the product in our store. 


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