Thursday, February 19, 2015



We love using our students' photos in the classroom for graphing, labeling cubbies, assigning Helper of the Day, and so many more activities.  But here's what we did for introducing decomposing numbers.  We took full body photos, cut them out, and placed them on magnetic paper.  Using 10 "bodies," we decomposed 10 into two groups on the magnetic white board with labels:

The children really pay attention so they can watch for their own photos to be used! 

When we notice that most children understand the concept using these magnets, we show them how to decompose in a workbook with unifix cubes and crayons of only two colors: 

This becomes a Math Station for additional practice along with our other activities.  We put out baskets with two colors of unifix cubes and matching crayons for the group:

The children work on one page a day and we check it by having them "read" their work to us! 


We're continuing to improve our books by adding writing journals to many of them.  We also have been working on our math station books by combining them into larger sets.  Watch for our first one  "What's the Number?" which combines 4 of our sets for filling in numerals on a number line!  Coming soon!

Keep checking back soon for more exciting news!

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