Friday, January 16, 2015

Linky Party for Valentine's Day

Valentine Linky Party!

Linda:  I believe that Kindergartners were more excited about Valentine’s Day than any other holiday!  Maybe because we are usually in school on the very date of the holiday, unlike Christmas which usually falls several days to a week after break begins.  So it’s never too early to start planning your Valentine celebration!

Lisa:  We want to tell you how we use our Valentine Song Sheet as part of our celebration!  The students cut the sets and numbers apart and glue them onto another sheet in correct order.   
Finished Song Sheet
Here are some tips and activities you can do with any of our song sheets:

♡Always copy off extra pages of the numbers and sets page - pieces just seem to disappear! 

♡We copy the sets and numbers page onto colored paper so the children won't need to color the small clipart.

♡To help the children cut the sets apart with little or no scraps, we precut the extra paper away and hand out only the numbers to cut apart and glue on first. Then they cut the sets to match up. 
Papers we give our students
♡After the children complete the song sheet, we use it as a whole group to sing "One little, two little, three little Valentines…"  This is a great opportunity to teach word choice.  When you sing the last line "10 little ____Valentines" have the children suggest words to use such as jumping, clapping, hopping, or whispering.  Then sing the song while performing the action!  This is a favorite of the children and we'll sing it over and over with different words - a great way to expend their Valentine energy on Feb. 14. 

♡All our song sheets are great activities when you have a substitute.  Once you have done one or two earlier in the year, the kids know what to do so a sub doesn't even need to model the project!  And it takes quite a while for most children to complete. 

♡Once the children have had lots of experience with numbers and our song sheets, we have them put the numbers in reverse order and sing "10 little, 9 little, 8 little Valentines…"

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  1. Your blog looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to link up.

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  3. You're welcome, Renee! I can't find my original post from way back but I'm sure you were the one who helped me with our descriptions of what KinderLit books are all about. I can't thank you enough for that!

  4. KinderLit Friends, your blog looks wonderful! Thank you for the Linky Party! So many wonderful products here! :) Krista

  5. Valentine's Day is going to be a lot of fun for some boys and girls with these great resources! Thank you for hosting.