Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop
Back into a routine after the holidays - we thought our lives would calm down.  NOT!!!  Life just keeps coming at us!  We're linking up with Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop, three things we have to do, two things we hope to do, and one thing we'd be happy to do.  Click on this button to see other teachers' Sunday Scoop!

Here's what we'll be doing: 

Lisa:  The first week back was busy but this one will be even busier with classroom activities!  

Linda:  Even though I'm retired it doesn't mean I sit around watching TV and eating BonBon's!  Lots to do for KinderLit as well as quilting and babysitting! 
What are you doing this week?  Hope you have some fun!
Why KinderLit Books?
Lisa and I taught together for over 20 years and discovered that the children become more actively involved in their own learning when we make books with them.  They take great pride in their work and see themselves as readers and writers long before beginning a formal reading program.  Worksheets just don't seem to provide the same kind of motivation to do the best work possible and usually end up in a pile at the bottom of their backpacks. 

But not so with their books!  Lisa's younger son was in my kindergarten class and in May she asked him what he wanted to save from that year.  He selected all his KinderLit books!  And we weren't even in business then, had no computers, and hand-wrote the wording on the pages.  Scott graduated from college several years ago and still talks about the books he made in kindergarten!

We understand that the children have to practice skills with worksheets but even those are made into books!
Student working on Little Books for beginning sounds
Check out our newest addition of books for skill practice, Word Families - Set 2: 
Have a grand week!


  1. Linda, my husband always jokes when I am home alone that I set around eating bon bons. Funny that you posted that! Have fun with the grands this week!
    Mrs. Green's Scene

  2. Sure would be nice to sit around eating them! I don't think I've ever been busier in my life since I've retired! My son jokes with me that he has to make an appointment now to visit me!

  3. I love that someone else thinks making fun "games" at school. Sometimes I get so tired of laminating and printing but seeing my kids faces getting to play some fun games, makes it so worth it!


  4. The kids do love them, don't they? And they stay more involved with the games than they do with worksheets! Thanks for commenting!

    Linda and Lisa