Friday, January 30, 2015


 100 DAYS!

Not sure how it happened, but 100 days of school have gone by already!  We spent the day celebrating and working on many projects for 100 and Zero the Hero, who has been visiting our classroom every 10 days all year.  
Our Zero the Hero is a hand puppet with a red cape.  The children collaged him and added a trail of numbers while practicing their counting by tens.  We created him using the same cutting techniques in our book, Counting 100 Days of School with Zero the Hero! 
Zero the Hero and his numbers!
This year we found a sale on small beads and had the children count out 100 beads to create their own necklaces using 100 charts.  In the past we have used cereal loops for stringing but the kids usually eat them right away! 
Necklace work table for stringing beads

Stringing beads on a piece of yarn with a taped end
After a discussion of how a 100-year-old person looks like, we had the children draw a self-portrait on brown paper bags.  Then we crinkled the bags to create "wrinkles" and smoothed them out to see what we would look like as 100-year-olds!  Have you ever asked your children to guess how old you are?  Be prepared!!

Here we are as 100-year-olds!
Our 3rd grade buddies came for a visit and helped us make hats for the 100th Day!  The "hair" hanging down around the hat is made by gluing strips of paper with numbers on them from 1-10, 11-20, 2 -30, etc.  Each kindergartner ended up with a hat they could read from one to one hundred!  And of course they glued numbers cut from our Ellison die-cutting machine to make a 100 on the front! 
Putting strips of numbers

Our 3rd graders helping!

What a grand day!  Here we are showing off our new accessories!
Hats, necklaces, and Zero!

We love the 100th Day!

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