Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lisa: Are you ready for your holiday break?  I am!  Our students' last day is this Thursday and then the staff has a PLC day on Friday.  Our Birthday Celebration of Songs program is Thursday afternoon so we've been spending time rehearsing our music.  If you didn't see our hats and sticks, check out our last blog post. 

Linda:  My granddaughter's preschool class had their Christmas Program this morning with a party afterwards.  It's so much fun to watch these little ones on the stage waving and shouting hi to their parents!  
Here's a tray of cute Santa snacks made with grapes, slices of bananas, large strawberries, and a small marshmallow on a long lollipop stick.  They were a big hit with the kids!  The mom who made them said she trimmed a little off the grape so the banana slice will fit more closely.  What a great healthy snack!


Three Billy Goats Gruff

We like to leave for our break with all our plans ready to January - who doesn't??   Of course we love making books with our kids and one of the simplest ones to do when we come back from break is our Three Billy Goats Gruff book.  It's easy to prep and gets the students back into the swing of things!   They love this puppet book with a bridge on it and we use it for retelling and sequencing skills.  
The picture on the left shows our students copying the words from the white board.  Some of the children don't need to copy and write the words on their own.   The photo on the right is Lisa's class doing a final group reading of the book before taking it home. 

To encourage working together and problem solving skills, we have the children create bridges with classroom building materials.  We have tiny troll dolls that are about 2" tall and the children have to build a bridge high enough for the troll to live under it!  We group the children into sets of 3 or 4 and give them about 30 minutes to build one bridge with a tub of materials that we have selected.
Working with friends and legos

  Then we take photos of them with their bridges and give each group one piece of construction paper to work together to draw one picture of their bridge for a book.  Oh, my!  That can be a problem for some!  They want to do their own drawings and have to adjust to working with others to produce just one!  
Enjoy these troll bridges! 
Here's a lego bridge and a Lincoln Log bridge.
Some materials are easier to use than others!
These two groups had to use the same attribute blocks but look at the different bridges they created!
You can find our Three Billy Goats Gruff book on TpT or our own shopping cart.  And watch for a writing journal to be added to it soon!  
If you purchase our books on TpT, you can upload new versions from your account page, My Purchases.  If you buy them on our website, contact us and we'll make sure you receive the latest versions of any of our books.  

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Holidays!

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