Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two KinderLit Hints

Lisa:  If you are familiar with our books, you know we love to have the children collage their illustrations! The children do all their own cutting for the items they need.  All we do is prepare squares and rectangles for the page of the day and they cut circles and ovals from them.  

Our school supplies us with 8 oz. white glue bottles but we found that we were always refilling them.  Then we found these Tap 'N Glue tops and now we refill the bottles about 3 times a year!  Here's how they work: 

Two-piece top
Each top has two pieces.  The tall stopper fits inside the screw-down top and then you twist it onto a glue bottle.  A little tip of the stopper sticks out the top and when the children press and squeeze the bottle, it releases a little drop of glue.  

This is a 3-year-old using the Tap 'N Glue top!  No mess!

Of course she loves to fill the whole paper up with dots of glue!
We love the design of these glue tops but we're sure that whoever invented them never used them with a whole class of children!  If they "tap and glue" you will hear a bunch of "woodpeckers" in your room.  So we call them "press and squeeze" tops since that's all they have to do to get the glue to come out!

At the end of the school year, we take them off the bottles and soak the pieces overnight.  A quick rinse in the morning and they're ready for the next year's students!  

You can see a video of how it works at the website for Tap 'N Glue.   But shop around for the best price! 

Linda: My granddaughter wanted to make our Rosie's Kindergarten Walk book to practice her cutting (she just turned 4!) and I went searching for thick fun foam to cut out the hen's footprint for stamp painting.  At Michael's, I discovered foam "marshmallows" which were easy to cut with an exacto knife.  She was able to hold the end while printing around the pond, over the haystack, through the barn, and under the beehives to get home in time for dinner!  Check out these photos for a visual explanation!
Foam shapes found at Michael's - 15 to a pack

 No messy fingers!  

Still looking for Thanksgiving activities?  Need a way to teach the story of the pilgrims to your young students?  Have them make their own book, count out turkeys on a song sheet, or print feathers on the turkeys in a counting book!  Check out these KinderLit products: 
My Thanksgiving Book (includes a writing journal!)
Turkey Song SheetOne little, 2 little, 3 little turkeys...

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day 
and a restful 4-day weekend!  


  1. Great ideas! I love your colorful blog!

  2. Thanks, Kathryn. I'm your newest follower! The "make your own dry erase boards" will be perfect for my grandkids! I'm retired now but the other half of KinderLit is still in the classroom. I'm always looking for neat ideas to do with my grand babies (2 & 4) and this will be a great way to have my older one practice her name.