Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Snowball Fight!

Here's a fun activity to do whether you teach in snow country or in the desert! 

Linda:  Here in Georgia we've already had overnight temperatures in the 30's - brrrrr!  The leaves are finally turning colors but most of the ones in my yard are brown and on the ground!     

Lisa:  The weather is beginning to turn here in Phoenix too - we're finally in the 70's and 80's!  We always laugh when the children come to school in this weather wearing those puffy winter jackets!  To celebrate the cooler weather, we had our first snowball fight of the year.  Try this activity with your class inside or out!  

1.  Get the "snowballs" ready.  Write a letter, word, or color on a piece of copy paper, enough for each child plus a few extras.  In this example we used high frequency words, but you can do this with any concept such as colors, rhyming pictures with clipart, numbers, etc.  Give each child one piece of paper to crumble. 
Get ready! 
2.  On a signal such as a whistle or bell, the children throw their "snowballs" at each other.  Of course we have talked about where they can run and how to freeze when they hear another signal.  The children can pick up any snowball to throw - they don't have to find their own to throw again. 
Get set!
3.  Every minute or so, ring the signal and have the children freeze.  They can open their "snowballs" and read the word or whatever is on their papers.  Then ring the signal and the fun begins again! 
A Snowball Fight in the Desert!
4.  Before ending the game, have the children read their papers once more to you or to a friend.  They can take home their "snowballs" to read to family members. 
Reading our "snowballs" 

This is a great activity to do when recess is canceled due to the weather.  If you don't have papers ready, let the children write high frequency words or numbers on their own papers.  Push back the tables and chairs and have a ball!

We came across this wonderful blog with an activity that will extend our May We Trade game we described in our September 28th post.  Be sure to go to Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together for a Hidden Partner game.  Combined with our May We Trade, you can reinforce high frequency words!

Turkey Day!
Looking for a KinderLit book to help teach about Thanksgiving?  Check out our book that is based on Ann McGovern's The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving, but any Thanksgiving book would work.   

There are 5 pages in the student book as well as a writing journal with two sets of pages for beginner writers and more experienced writers.  A fun and engaging way to teach this holiday!
My Thanksgiving Book

Enjoy November!  

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