Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two Quick Ideas

Lisa:  Hi Everyone.  Sorry we have been missing in action lately but it's been a busy few weeks for us. I had a fall break the first week of October and then Parent Conferences with reports cards too!  I feel like I need another break!  

Linda:  Although I'm retired, I seem to be more busy now than ever!  Not sure how I got so much done when I was teaching.  But I didn't have grandchildren and I wasn't quilting. My son says he has to make an appointment to see me!  

Lisa:  Here's what we worked on recently while we were learning our colors.  (Yes, we have to teach colors since most of our students enter school not knowing them!)  We read A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman and created this beautiful class rainbow.  Each day as we studied a color, the children wrote the color word on the appropriate construction paper strips (1" by 9") and joined them together to make another row in our rainbow.  Later in the year we'll learn to read the color words, but for this activity it was just an exercise in copying a word!  

Linda: Here's another idea that Lisa does with her children and I did every day too.  When the children entered our rooms, they had to find their names on their "check in" cards to learn to recognize their names.  (Yes, you guessed it - they couldn't do that either when they started school!)  We use the activity to introduce graphing to the students.  Each day there is a question for the children to answer with their check-in cards.  In the beginning of the year the question on a sentence strip is always "Do you have a ____ in your name?"  We insert a letter card with a paper clip, beginning with A.  We go through all the upper case letters and then the lower case so that gives us a graph for 52 days!  

These check-in cards are magnetic for a quick and easy way for the children to
 put their cards on the graph on our magnetic board. 

 Lisa:  Do you know what a "jackpot" is?  When there is a double letter within a word, it's a jackpot! (book, fell, Tommy, etc.)  That's our 53rd graph question - Do you have a jackpot in your name?  The concept of "jackpot" came from a good friend of ours, Barbara Rath, who taught in our district.  We teach the students all about jackpots in the very beginning of the year so that as we write class stories the children keep their eyes on the  writing because when they see us write a jackpot, they can scream out "Jackpot!"  

Linda: Just want to show you two projects I recently quilted.  One is a twisted Jack-O-Lantern that I have hanging on my wall in my home.  I also belong to a quilter's group that is making quilts for a new shelter close to us for homeless veterans.  The shelter is a section of a fort that was closed down by the government and now houses forty Vets.  We have made several trips to the shelter to donate the quilts to the Chaplain who is in charge and the Vets we have met are so appreciative to have their very own quilts.  Even when they leave the shelter, they will be able to take the quilt with them.  


  1. I love all of your ideas! So glad I found your blog! :) What a happy background, too. And your quilting is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! We're still fairly new at blogging and now that I'm retired I have to depend on Lisa for photos! But we're improving! Crayonbox Learning designed our blog - we both love polka dots! I have tried grabbing your button but am not tech-savy enough for it to work yet. Will get it done soon!