Sunday, September 28, 2014

May We Trade? Game

It's almost October!  

Lisa's class is settling in with new friends and new routines!  Hard to believe the fall holidays are right around the corner.  Linda is still retired and working on updating our website and stores when she's not quilting!  

We've working on adding writing journals to our KinderLit books and just uploaded the new My Thanksgiving Book with a journal included.  If you purchased this book on TpT, please sign into your account and click on My Purchases.  Download the new version!  If you have purchased the book on our website, please send us a message through our Contact Us page and we'll make sure you receive the new version with the journal! 

May We Trade?

Looking for a fun game for reinforcing skills that involves all your students at the same time?  Play May We Trade? with your class!

  • A set of cards for whatever skill you want to review.  They can be letters, numbers, shapes, colors, words, anything! Have one card for each student.   
  • A bell or signal to get the attention of everyone.

  1. Review the rules with your students - such as walking only; staying in the designated area!  
  2. Pass out one card to each student. 
  3. The whole class walks around the area to find a friend.  They each tell the other what card they have.  "I have k."  "I have q."  Each can say "May we trade?"  They swap the cards and then move on to find new friends to swap with!  Now they need to know the new card.  The more times they swap, the more letters, numbers, colors, etc. they need to know!  
  4. Every once in a while, we like to ring our bell and everyone must freeze.  This calms the class down if they are getting too noisy and provides body control practice. 

To end the game, have the children sit with their cards on their carpet spot or in a circle. We collect the cards in alphabetical order, numerical order, or in random order.  

Use pairs of cards such as upper/lower case letters, number/set cards, rhyming pairs, etc.  Play the same way but at the end of the game, the children must find their partner to sit with.  Each pair shows their cards to the group and explains why their cards match.  

If you have an odd number of children, you can join in the fun!  If you have an even number, be the checker while walking around to listen to what the children are saying.  Later in the year when there is an odd number of children, we select a student to be the checker!  

Have fun with this game!  We use it all year long and the children never tire of it.  

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  1. This is a great whole group game! Keep them coming! I am committed to doing more review games and activities, and this is a perfect flexible one!

  2. Glad you like it! The kids do too! We have a few others that we'll be posting in the future. Keep checking back with us!
    Linda and Lisa