Sunday, April 15, 2018


Our students are getting very proficient with adding with our addition stations.  The child above was so proud of his recording sheet!  Here are a few more photos of what we do:

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Just in time for Earth Day!  
Our newest One-and-Done project is now in our store.  There are recording sheets for creating mini books or for using just one at the bottom of their collage. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Easter Eggs for Word Work

Easter Eggs for Word Work
Recently I visited JoAnn Fabrics and found this bag of Easter eggs.  These are great for working with words, especially the sports eggs that will draw the interest of your boys in your class!  
We have purchased them in the past at various discount stores this time of the year - even a jelly bean egg!  Here are a few more samples of the ones we have used in our classrooms:  

Our students love to crack open the eggs and figure out what words are hiding inside!  They can record their findings to read to friends or to family for homework.  

You can find a set of letters for CVC words and Sight words here in Crack The Egg!  There are 6 sets of CVC words (6 different words in each set) and 14 sets of Sight words along with the recording sheets for all.  
What a fun activity for stations during the spring! 

Monday, February 12, 2018



Join us for this sweet deal!  Everything in our KinderLit store will be 20% off on Wednesday, Feb. 14 and Thursday, Feb. 15.  And if you use the code XOXO at checkout, you’ll receive another 5% discount for a total of 25%!  Save even more when you purchase any of our bundle sets which are already discounted 20%!
We were practicing our Tricky Teens this week and put out some counting boards and manipulatives.  Here are some photos of our students working on counting out buttons, shells, and nuts & bolts with number tiles.  The boys are very motivated to use the nuts & bolts! 

Our students love to use our math manipulatives in more unique ways when given time to play.  Yes, we said PLAY!  Kindergartners still need time to explore and create beyond the worksheets and skill drills.  Look what our students can do!  

Happy Shopping & Teaching!

Linda & Lisa

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oh, Those Tricky Teens!

Lisa:  My class is working on place value with the tricky teens and today we all used manipulatives to represent the number 12.  By using objects to demonstrate place values before using worksheets, the children have a clearer understanding of the concept.  They loved this activity as you can see in these photos! 


As a whole class, we are making an anchor chart using portions of Book 1 in the  KinderLit book, Tricky Teens.  Notice that we use different colored markers for each number and different equations to represent the number.

Linda:  Our Tricky Teens book is actually 3 workbooks in one.  The first book has 10 frames for the teen number at the top of the page and the students draw that many objects or shapes in the frames.  The second book has black dots in the 10 frames for the children to count and write the correct tricky teen for each.  In the third book the students write the equation sentence for the 10 frames.  You get all three books in one!  



Your students can receive a gold medal with our newest One-and-Done project, My Gold Medal.  As so many of our collage books and one-and-done projects, this is based on a piece of literature called Olympig! by Victoria Jamieson. Students love to give themselves a gold medal for something they have accomplished such as counting to 100 or naming all those tricky teens!  Everyone has something to brag about, even if they aren’t star athletes!  

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Sunday, November 26, 2017



It’s finally here!  The BIGGEST sale of the year!  
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Thursday, November 9, 2017



Isn’t this a cute idea?  Each child in my grandson’s grade level was given a red, white, and blue star for a home-school connection activity.  On each star the parents wrote the name of a relative who served or is serving in the Armed Forces and the branch they served in.  

The teachers then compiled this beautiful American flag display!  

What a fun and engaging way to celebrate our veterans! 

A New Pete The Cat Color Project! 

Who doesn't love Pete the Cat?  We have introduced our latest One-and-Done project, I Love My Shoes. The children decide what color their shoes are, what they step into, and what color their shoes turn into!  All in one day!  Have fun with our newest product!  

Click on the cover to read more about this new One-and-Done project!

Friday, September 1, 2017


Teachers Pay Teachers is determined to help rebuild the Houston area after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.  So many classrooms and schools need to be repaired, restocked, or rebuilt.  The TpT community is one of support for fellow teachers and KinderLit will be joining in this effort. 

All our proceeds from Monday, Sept. 4th, will be donated to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund hosted by Donors  TpT will match our donation!  So for every dollar you spend in our store, two dollars will go directly to the rebuilding of the schools of the Gulf Coast. 

Please visit our store on Monday, make a purchase, and feel proud about helping the teachers of Texas as well as your own students. 

Thank you for your support!